About Winchell Interiors

Winchell Interiors has been making it’s mark on Tampa since 1997.  We specialize in all areas of home interiors including custom window treatments, upholstery, room ensembles, floor coverings, specialty wall finishes, home furnishings, accessories and much much more!  We don’t just fill a space, we create one that is a personal reflection of you. Each project is unique to the clients we work with.  We aim to have fun and really understand the needs and styles of each individual.  There are no rules, just what you like. So the next time you see something that you just can’t live with out, but don’t have a clue where to put it, call us. We can help. You may have stumbled onto a great inspiration for your next project!

Good design is achieved through creative interaction between the designer and the client.  Keep in mind that Design is a PROCESS.  Connection and good communication is key.  At Winchell Interiors,  We encourage you to tell us all about you and what feels good for you. The more you share, the better. It’s even helpful to tell us what you don’t like.  We can help you explore your preferences and define your style.  You just might learn something about yourself and discover a new awareness!

Design is emotional and our homes are very personal. Thus,  We all respond differently to our environment. Color, texture, lighting and materials,  play a large role in how we feel. Some colors uplift and put us in a good mood while others bring a certain calm.  There are so many factors that come to play when we design and our goal is to find the ones that work for you.

So What’s Your Story?

Whether you are creating a fashion collection or decorating a house, you have to find a story or idea. After that, it’s easy, you just follow the story. Maybe it is is inspired by history, culture, color, a motif or a place. It can be anything. The story is yours, write it anyway you want to!

Fashion designers are often driven be a certain theme. They use it to provide the framework for a presentation, setting it’s tone and conjuring a mood – for example a 1940’s Hollywood or a 1960’s Palm Beach. Either way, it takes you to a place or a feeling.

Our homes are not much different. Of course we don’t buy a sofa based on a trend and then get rid of it when the trend is over. But, it’s not a bad idea to follow the lead of fashion taste makers and simply decide which story you wish to tell.

Most of us appreciate the aspects of multiple styles and get sidetracked and frustrated by wanting a little bit of everything. The “eclectic look” can quickly bypass elegance and end up just plain messy if you don’t pay attention. So, get focused. Start with the basics: Favorite colors, furniture requirements i.e. a chair for reading, a comfortable place to nap etc … fabrics that feel good. Start a folder of things that you like. Almost everyone I know that has an interest in interior design keeps a folder of photos or inspiring pictures torn out of magazines to reflect their taste and point of view. If French country is your thing, go get a magazine or book on France that shows you some places and rooms done in that fashion. Modernism look good to you? then google Mies van der Rohe and see his crisp rational interiors. Whatever style turns you on, gather information and edit it frequently. Once you define what you truly want to live with, you will create rooms that ring true, rooms that you love, rooms that tell the story of your life!