About Jennifer Winchell

Jennifer Winchell’s list of credits as an artist and a designer are extensive.
She is known for her talent and unique “one of a kind” style.

JW_headshotJen’s overall client base is broad, ranging from commercial builders to individual home and business owners throughout Tampa Bay. Jen’s design philosophy revolves around the idea of space:

“Every project represents a new and welcome challenge. Space should be a unique reflection of the people who live within it. I ask my clients to help me see the world through their eyes so that I can understand their tastes, and together we create a special ambiance that is truly their own.”

Jen seeks to achieve “balance” in a room by working with lighting, color and texture. “It’s all about mood and how the space makes you feel.” The intention is to create an atmosphere that is right for a rooms purpose. Her skill at combining these essential elements is truly what brings her clients’ rooms, homes and offices to life.

Jen has a great passion for art and beauty. In her personal spare time,  She paints and draws. She works in multiple mediums.   “Art is limitless”. It can be so many things. It isn’t just a picture on the wall, sometimes it is a vase or a sculpture or even a chair.  Craftsmanship is in all things.  Finding a good comfortable balance between  art and function can be key. Too much artwork in one place can be busy and make one feel uneasy.  Placement is everything.  It’s all about Balance!

As well as graduating Magna Cum Laude from Tampa’s International Academy of Design, Jen also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from SUNY Fredonia and a Master’s degree from Syracuse University.