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Harbor Island Condo BY WIAdmin

Winchell Interiors recently finished this project located at the Plaza on Harbor Island. The goal was to create a beautiful space that “looked like it could be in a magazine” … Well, I think their wish came true!

If any of you have ever been to the Plaza, you will know that units are purchased unfinished, i.e. concrete floors, no lighting, white walls etc. It truly is a blank canvas that allows homeowners to personalize and finish any way they choose. My clients chose a very sophisticated style with a metropolitan feel. “It was like Chicago or NY comes to Tampa”!

“We love color” was one of the things that they told me. So, with that in mind we began by starting at the bot¬tom and working our way up. We installed dark ebony 8” wood planks on the floors. We contrasted that sleek look with rough slate-like ceramic multi-size tiles in other areas. This gave us texture and interest and complimented the rich mushroom colored walls. Having an entire wall of glass windows that overlooked Tampa bay and St. Petersburg, allowed us to use dark colors on the walls and really experiment with color. We added white crown molding and tall baseboards to finish off the look. The ceiling height varied in certain areas and we decided to highlight them with a lovely shade of blue which we repeated on the walls in the sitting area.

The kitchen cabinets are cherry with black granite tops, the bathroom cabinets are maple. Travertine is on the floors and walls in both bathrooms.

Lighting was a big part of this project. My clients had an open mind and allowed us to purchase unique, modern fixtures to showcase their space. I really wanted to make a statement with the fixtures that we chose and I think we did! Chandeliers add sparkle and glamor almost instantly. The crystal and glass gave us just enough “glitter” against the dark walls. What a great look!

Artwork was another area where we focused attention. Most of the works featured are original and one of a kind. My clients have an eclectic style and once again were open to many different genres of art. The art varied in style and medium from oil paintings, pencil sketches, batiks, pottery and glass.

This project was a success on so many levels. First and foremost, the clients are happy. Secondly, the subs all did a great job and last of all, it was FUN.