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Our Newest Work: Southern Living Showcase BY WIAdmin


Winchell Interiors was proud to participate in the Southern Living showcase house this spring that was built by Javic Homes. We had the opportunity to design and decorate the bonus room and the little boys room. I want to tell you a little bit about the two spaces and how we got our inspiration. We had help from some great sources and great friends. Together we created some interesting design elements and had a lot of fun. Please check out the Javic website for details.

The bonus room: When I think of Southern Living magazine and the kind of homes they portray, I think of several things: Cozy, inviting, warm, interesting, family oriented and traditional values are just some of the words that come to mind. When Javic asked us to come up with a concept for this grand space, I wanted the room to be all of those things. We are so bombarded today with social media and everything is at the touch of finger. I wanted this room to be a place where family could “unplug” from the world and actually be a family . A room where hands and fingers were used to “do things”. I wanted the room to be like a hiding place from phones and computers. So much of life is “virtual” these days that I often fear that human contact is limited and creativity is falling to the wayside. So, our “unplugged” room is the place to connect with oneself, to connect with each other and really get back to some of those old fashioned past times.

The space is full of art supplies, books and an eclectic mix of accessories that encourage one to be creative. One could draw, paint, scrapbook, work on a school project or maybe even make a gift for someone else. This space has endless possibilities for creativity. When we put this area together, I was thankful to know friends who have craft rooms. I raided some of their rooms to find just the right mix of different. Thanks to Kathy Stack for loaning some of her personal supplies. With her mix of things, I threw in some canvases, lots of art supplies and books. Aside from crafts, one could also play Games, read or watch a movie as a family. These are just some of the activities that I imagined taking place in this space. That being said, we decided to split the room into 2 zones. One is the relaxation/tv zone and the other is the creative zone.

I had some help from my good friend Tatum Orr of Add Crown in building the built in. I wanted it to be open and bright and functional. It also had to be interesting. So we designed a geometric series of openings. I surrounded the large window and added depth to the space while also taking advantage of the great natural light. Bob Hannigan of Hannigan Painting did the painting for me.

One of the main design elements of the space is the antique work table that sits in the middle of the room. This was also a collaborative effort. My friend Jennifer Kapper who owns 4303 and Oh whatever in S. Tampa has a very interesting mix of furniture and accessories. She has great talent for turning old into new and fun. I was shopping one day at her store looking for inspiration and I told her what I was looking for. She said she had the perfect thing in her storage unit but warned me that is was “rough” but had “great bones”. This was exciting! when I hear things like that I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I too love to take something old and give it new life. So, off we went to get this work bench. I knew it had great potential immediately. So, I started to clean and scrub. Parts of the bench were in great disrepair and it needed to have a new top built. Again, I called on Tatum. He built a new top and covered the ends with tongue and groove plywood. I stained it a dark brown and then just sanded down the drawers. We left the hardware and added large wheels on the bottom so it could be moved around. It was also very heavy so we created a removable top that has tile on it. The tiles can be removed as well. I was thrilled with the end result. This rustic piece just had to have a touch of elegance added to it, so we hung a crystal fixture above it just for fun.

We have two custom made rugs that are in front of the easel and drafting table. Terry Hanson of creative rug designs was the creator. I told him I wanted to show off his skills and he designed these two small pieces to look as though one had spilled paint on them. Very fun! They add a touch of whimsical to the space.

My Dear friend Rhonda Ladoniczki created the florals in the room. She is the master mind that found inspiration from tribal ornamentation and created the head that sits on the sill of the built in. I have known Rhonda for well over 10 years and have partnered with her on numerous occasions. She can do things with flowers that no one else can. Her eye is impeccable for creating drama and color in a space. We collaborate on most of my projects and she brings great energy with her. She is definitely the one to call if you are needing flowers or ambiance for an event. Her party planning skills are amazing too.

The drapes were made by Nicole Brioni of Designer Confections. Again, I can’t say enough about the people who make my work great. I have never dressed a window without her. She has a custom workroom in Lutz that does anything and everything from pillows, to drapes, to upholstery to bedding. Nicole also made the pillows on the sofas. We wanted the pillows to look handcrafted. They were made from fabric memos that Interiors Trading company has discontinued.

The television area is a sharp contrast to the busy looking creative zone. I wanted this to have very clean lines but also to be comfortable. We were extremely fortunate to team up with Rugs of the world on Dale Mabry. Patti Casey was amazing and allowed us to consign a rug from her store. The rug had to be a big “wow”! We needed color and elegance and comfort. The rug we chose is called a Kazak. It is hand made, 100% wool and was inspired by the Caucasus from the 19th and 20th centuries. Truly a work of art! It is the focal point of the room.

The small rustic work bench under the TV is one of my personal favorites. This was something I acquired while traveling to NY state many years ago. I found it at an antique shop in my husbands’ home town of Greene NY. One never knows what treasures can be found when you go off the beaten path! It was totally unique and was the perfect partner to the work table on the other side of the room.

The artwork: This is a mix of some of my own personal creations and my personal collection. The ladies head on the easel is a group effort that Rhonda, Kathy Stack and myself created one day. She is a mix of textiles, acrylic paint, paper and chalk.

The boy’s room: Our inspiration came from skateboarding. It’s always fun to create a theme when designing a kid’s room. This particular theme was inspired by my good friend Ed Selego. Ed is a professional skateboarder and has spent a good part of his life “on wheels” . He is very talented as is the owner of a skatepark in Miami and also owns two skateboard shops in S. Florida. He put me in contact with Alan Russell. Alan builds skate parks throughout the U.S. He was the artist who built the bed. It has exact proportions of an actual skateboard ramp. We wanted the ramp bed to be somewhat raw, similar to what one might actually see if in a skate park. Typically they are constructed from unfinished plywood. I decided to stain it black to add some interest. The skateboard bench is a collector piece and is signed by the artist. Hairpin legs were added to it to create a seat.

The art in the room is original. The black and white framed pieces in the bathroom are signed. The posters on the wall are advertisements and also some shots of Ed Selego himself from “back in the day”. His mother , my dear friend Netta Selgo , was so kind to share them with me. The art over the bed is also an original. It is an ink block print made by Matthew Selego that shows Ed in action.

We added some sports toys, clothing, and a well used skateboard to set the tone for the little boy’s room. We wanted the room to feel spacious so we limited the amount of furniture in the room . This gave lots of floor space to play and sprall.

Overall, we had fun in this space creating something that hopefully one doesn’t see every day!

Thanks again to Javic, all their staff who have been wonderful to work with , all my “helpers” and gifted artists. It sure has been a good time!