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Why Hire A Designer? BY WIAdmin

Have you ever bought something for your house that you thought was just perfect and brought it home to discover that it was all wrong? Have you ever walked into a place and it just didn’t feel right? Conversely, have you ever walked into a space that felt absolutely beautiful, but you couldn’t tell exactly why? What is it that makes a space feel right? That is good design.

What makes a Good Designer? A Good Designer will improve your life by working with you to create your home as an expression of yourself and how you live. How is this done? Design is as a process. You and your designer will explore your wants and needs. A creative partnership is formed.

How do you find a good designer? Interview as many designers as you need until you find one that understands you. Your designer needs to listen to you. When you express how you live, what style you like and what you want to spend, are they really listening?

Secondly, are they asking you the right questions? What do you want your home to become? What is bothering you about your space? What is not working for you? What do you want it to feel like? How do you relax in your home? How do you spend time with your family? Is your space conducive to the flow of your daily life? A good designer will ask a lot probing questions about you and how you live. As you will be working together in what will be an intimate process, you should like the designer you choose. Your designer will “get inside your head” and you need to be comfortable with them being there.

Once you’ve chosen the right designer, be aware of how the process unfolds. A good designer understands Style, Color, Fabric, Texture, Form, Functionality, and Scale. A good designer will also understand your budget and how to work within it. She or he will help you coordinate the things you already have in your home and suggest what you need to add or remove to make it all work while keeping in mind your personal style.

Your space will become a reflection of you. It will feel good. It will feel ‘right.’ It’s all about balance. Beauty. Harmony. Just like life. We at Winchell Interiors firmly believe that “When we surround ourselves with beauty, it helps us become what we see.” Beautiful home= beautiful life!